If you eat tacos you aren’t racist.

Cultural appropriation: an aspect from another culture that is used/consumed with no knowledge, understanding or care for its significance.
•        People of marginalized groups are insulted and othered for the clothes they wear, yet hipster white kids begin donning their clothes . Then it’s considered cool. See keffiyehs.
•        Sticking a couple of feathers in your hair and proclaiming “I am celebrating indigenous culture” is fucking ignorant. Does it seem appropriate to use or perform items/customs from cultures while completely disregarding the sacredness it may hold, like war bonnets?
•        Context: Remember the whole genocide thing, sterilization of Native women, and living on stolen land? Stuff you should have learned in American History? You think it’s cool to wear war paint?
•        It’s not cool to “dress up” as a race. Please. It’s like blackface.
Can you appreciate a culture without being a racist asshole? Yes, of course. Americans feel like they do not have their own culture, they are just soooo boring. They just steal from other people’s’ culture without giving it a single thought.
Again, marginalized people have been discriminated against and made to feel like outsiders. They have no choice over this, but hipster white kids can decide to be a part of another person’s culture thoughtlessly.
It’s objectifying people into a headdress, a keffiyeh, war paint, or a kimono. It reduces them into stereotypes. It dismisses their culture and feelings. That is messed up.
Did I cover everything?


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