A Post About My Randoms Thoughts of Sex

  • Sex in our culture is so male hetro cis centric.
  • For example, men fuck women. Sex is something men to do women, and women just lie there taking it. Sex is mostly viewed from a male point of view. Think of the slang terms used to refer to sex : hit it, tap it, pound it, smash etc etc things men do to women.
  • Queer women seem to emulate “straight sex”.
  • There’s gay porn, straight porn, and tranny porn. I find these all problematic. First, tranny is an extremely harmful slur. Most “tranny” porn features trans woman. I am not really sure why trans men are invisible in porn. There’s also straight porn which also features lesbians. Straight men feel entitled to lesbians because two women kissing are hot, and women are suppose to please men. What’s also weird is that the idea of two women kissing turns on men, but most don’t think two men kissing turn on women. However, they are trans* people who are straight and women who think hot grinding gay men are a turn-on, but they aren’t in the “straight” category.

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