post racial

I know they are a ton of white people who don’t understand—or really want to understand to begin with, what white privilege is.

But, several things happened today that really reminded how white people try so hard to push the color blind ideology that basic overt racist things don’t even register as racist anymore. There’s “real racism” and then there’s just being politically correct .

For example, cultural appropriation? Not a real racist issue, you gotta feel fucking entitled to everything with little regard to the historical context of whatever item you’re stealing.

TV shows with mostly white characters and their stereotypical ethnic friends—not a real racist issue. Don’t even complain about the same racist stock characters people of color have to play every single time.

Things I thought would register immediately as racist, even to the most conservative of white people, aren’t even racist.

I thought by now that people would know that black face is racist; it is offensive to pull back your eyes and pretend you’re Asian; fried chicken and watermelon jokes—c’mon racist, why is that even a question? Yet, white vegans still scratch their head at the notion that’s offensive to compare kennel clubs to the KKK.

What the fuck is going on?

I was telling my brother earlier, people distinguish between “real racism” like stuff you only saw in the sixties and politically correct/not real racism. It’s because society, especially white people, treat racism like it’s been eradicated.

Systematic racism isn’t real because racism ended sometime around 1968. The subtle everyday racism, the kind white people don’t notice, isn’t real. Or maybe it’s just exaggerated by over sensitive people of color.

The idea that white people will never experience and understand the lives people of color face because they are white, flips them the fuck out.

When you’re so used to being the dominant culture it doesn’t don on you that you’re privileged because your version of reality is constantly being reinforced.

White people enjoy that privilege. Even if they complain about “reverse racism” they still ignore the fact that they are the majority of the government, the media, our history books, and the normalative in general. If you question that, it’s the fault of people of color, not “systemic racism” and they have no part in keeping the status quo.

You can spend the rest of your life ignoring the fact that names that sound “ethnic” are less likely to be hired and then complain about affirmative action.

The idea of black history or Hispanic history month, seems unfair but don’t question how your history textbooks are pro imperialism and pro colonialism; the exploitation of people of color was just collateral for democracy.

Just ignore it and let it go away. The idea of that maybe you’ve been conditioned to not question the entitlements you enjoy is the worst offense.


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