The -Isms in Feminism

I see feminists who don’t think trans women are real women and use the wrong pronouns all the time. I see someone totally disregarding the feelings of pwd by constantly using  slurs like crazy . When they get called out on it , all the other feminists hold their hand and try to convince they are good people. They still ignore the feelings of pwd. The same old argument over hijabs happen without any input from Muslim women.

Feminism isn’t about empowering already privileged women. But that is what it seems like. Actions speak louder than words, being a feminist doesn’t mean you get a pass when saying something oppressive. Part of being a feminist actually means owning up to your mistakes, apologizing and never doing it again. It also means actually trying to learn about other oppressions.

Basically what I’m saying is, feminism isn’t Reganomics. Trying to focus on white cisgender middle to upper class heterosexual women won’t trickle down to marginalized groups. Looking at it from the outside I can understand why someone wouldn’t call themselves a feminist.  Because why would  anyone want to be included in a group where they actively try to deny your existence?

You can have feminist values without actually calling yourself a feminist.


Straight White Male Entitlement list

Entitlement : belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges

  • When men are invading your space( at the supermarket, jogging, the bank, lunch line).
  • “Nice guys” who treat you nice feel entitled sex.
  • Also, when you dress “slutty( it doesn’t matter you can be wearing a garbage bag)” men feel entitled to comment on how provocative you look.
  • White people trying to touch POC’s hair.
  • White people trying to cultural appropriate other people’s cultures.
  • The N word. ” Why can we say it?!?”
  • Men think it’s ok to say bitch, slut, skank etc etc
  • The whole Ground Zero mosque fiasco.
  • White Americans are upset because they feel their privileges are being taken away. It’s an invasion of brown people. They feel entitled, it’s their god given right, to live on stolen land happily.
  • Historically speaking, white people felt it was their god given right to expand their territory in America. This of course , disregarded the Native American tribes that already occupied these places.
  • Mansplaining/whitesplaining.
  • White people feel entitled to a higher standard of living because they worked harder for it, while POC are too lazy to get out of poverty. Obviously they enjoy it so much.
  • More along the lines of imperialism/capitalism: Americans feels entitled to a higher standard of living too, no matter who it pains. Look at the produce you buy, it’s made by brown people making less than minimum wage. Prison system is a also a system of modern day slavery. In addition, Americans feel entitled to cheaper clothes, chocolate, and oil even though people across the world die because of factories, the political unrest, and the destruction of their environments. Look at the Scramble for Africa.
  • Then Americans have the audacity to tell POC how to get of poverty. They feel entitled to voice their racist opinions.

  • Straight people feel entitled to tell gays how to deal with homophobia.
  • Straight men feel entitled to lesbians ( lesbians are just sexual devices for straight men)
  • Straight women feel entitled to have gay males as accessories best friends.
  • Straight people think they are the only ones entitled to heaven.
  • Straight people feel entitled to judge other people’s sexuality. Thinking bisexual women aren’t really bisexual for example and that bisexual men are just really gay.
  • Entitled to only see hetero relationships in public. For example, seeing two gay men hold hands at a park means  their rubbing their sexuality in your face.

[Activist Modus Operandi] The Anatomy of a Call Out (And Why It Needs To Change) (via Genderbitch: Musings of a Trans Chick)

You can reblog things on wordpress? Wow, I’m on tumblr without actually being on.

Clarifications: In no way am I saying that the onus is on us to educate. In fact, you can scream in frustration, rage at people or seek out and carve out safe spaces for yourself all you want. I certainly have. But activism itself is a movement trying to make the world better for us. Creating change. So, if you want take the torch, that onus, onto yourself because you and I all know that even though the privileged people SHOULD be fixing it, they … Read More

via Genderbitch: Musings of a Trans Chick

If you eat tacos you aren’t racist.

Cultural appropriation: an aspect from another culture that is used/consumed with no knowledge, understanding or care for its significance.
•        People of marginalized groups are insulted and othered for the clothes they wear, yet hipster white kids begin donning their clothes . Then it’s considered cool. See keffiyehs.
•        Sticking a couple of feathers in your hair and proclaiming “I am celebrating indigenous culture” is fucking ignorant. Does it seem appropriate to use or perform items/customs from cultures while completely disregarding the sacredness it may hold, like war bonnets?
•        Context: Remember the whole genocide thing, sterilization of Native women, and living on stolen land? Stuff you should have learned in American History? You think it’s cool to wear war paint?
•        It’s not cool to “dress up” as a race. Please. It’s like blackface.
Can you appreciate a culture without being a racist asshole? Yes, of course. Americans feel like they do not have their own culture, they are just soooo boring. They just steal from other people’s’ culture without giving it a single thought.
Again, marginalized people have been discriminated against and made to feel like outsiders. They have no choice over this, but hipster white kids can decide to be a part of another person’s culture thoughtlessly.
It’s objectifying people into a headdress, a keffiyeh, war paint, or a kimono. It reduces them into stereotypes. It dismisses their culture and feelings. That is messed up.
Did I cover everything?